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This area of the website offer links to selected sources of EU news, analysis, discussion and constructive criticism. This section will be updated with links we find valuable in our
teaching, learning and research activities.

Europa: Europa is the official website of the European Union. It is a good starting point if you are looking for information and services
provided by the EU. See this page for a complete list of links to all EU institutions and agencies.

Public Policy Hub: acts as a gateway to information and online resources centred around public policy and the law making
process in the UK. Developed by staff at the University of Portsmouth.

News portals

EUobserver: EUobserver was founded in 2000 by Editor-in-Chief Lisbeth Kirk to support the debate on – and development of European affairs.

Euractiv: is the independent media portal fully dedicated to EU affairs.

Europe’s World: Europe’s World is the only independent Europe-wide policy journal, produced in association with some 150-plus leading European think tanks and academic institutions.

UK government websites

United Kingdom Parliament website: See House of Commons and House of Lords Select Committees, such as
European scrutiny Committee or
Constitutional affairs Committee
for extensive reports on EU affairs as they affect the UK.

The House of Commons Library produces a number of research papers on parliamentary
subjects which often are central to EU affairs.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO): The section on Britain and the EU provides valuable materials.

Professional Organisations

UACES: is the Universities Association for Contemporary European Studies. Very useful in keeping up with upcoming conferences, workshops,
academic positions on offer, publications etc. Free newsletter by e-mail.

The Political Studies Association (PSA) is the leading association in the field of political studies in the United Kingdom, members include
academics in political science and current affairs, theorists and practitioners, policy-makers, researchers and students in higher education.

The European Union Studies Association (EUSA) is the premier scholarly and professional association focusing on the European Union, the
ongoing integration process, and transatlantic relations.

European Training Academy – E-learning: The Academy provides online training for candidates of the European Union institutions’
selection exams. View this link for a selection of free e-learning resources.

Independent think-tanks (A-Z)

British Influence: British Influence is a new independent advocacy campaign that wants Britain to lead in Europe.

The Bruges group: A leading neoliberal, euro-sceptic think tank which researches and publishes against European federation and against
British participation in a single European state.

Centre for European Reform is a think tank offering excellent analysis of issues.

Chatham House is one of the world’s leading organisations and analysis of international affairs.

Federal Union: As the name implies, this website promotes the European federalism cause. It offers a lot of valuable documentation,
analysis and comment.

Federal Trust: This is the website of Federal Trust, a highly regarded think-tank on European federalism.

Friends of Europe: Friends of Europe – Les amis de l’Europe is a leading think-tank that aims to stimulate thinking on key global
and European political challenges.

Notre Europe: Our Europe – Jacques Delors Institute is the think tank European founded by Jacques Delors in 1996.

Open Europe: Open Europe is an independent think tank, with offices in London and Brussels, set up by leading UK business people to
contribute positive new thinking to the debate about the future direction of the European Union.

Historic Archives

EMU A Historical Documentation

Centre Virtual de la Connaissance sur l’Europe (CVCE): Research and documentation on the history of European integration: interviews, scientific
papers, documents, photos, videos, maps, diagrams, press, caricatures.

Archive of European Integration (AEI) is an archive of independently-produced research materials and official European Community/Union documents on
European integration and unification.

European Research Papers Archive (ERPA) is a common access point for online research in the field of European integration.

Universiteit Leiden electronic resources on European integration and European Union history.

European Integration History Index provides Internet resources on the History of Europe after WWII in all languages.
European Integration is here understood as the process of political, economic and cultural integration and co-operation between various European countries in the 20th century.