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Welcome to the University of Portsmouth Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for Studies in Transnational Europe (CESTE), recognised by an award of the European Union and one of only 17 institutions worldwide holding such an award.

The EU in Practice is a self-taught online resource, part of the research, teaching and scholarly activities CESTE is committed to deliver.

It aims to enable its users to examine in considerable depth how the policy and law of the European Union is applied at European, national and global level and how it impacts in relations between states, on business and people.

Fundamental rules of EU law are presented and then their application in specific cases is examined and discussed. The focus is on key fields of EU activity, such as the internal market, trade between the EU and its international trade partners, such as the USA and China, environmental and social issues, technology and internet.

Users of this online resource will be introduced to the legal tools and techniques which are relevant to a variety of issues and will become familiar with how these are used to resolve disputes.

They will have the opportunity to develop a solid understanding of the impact of European Union law and policy on the member-states, on other states, on EU and non-EU citizens, European and global businesses.

Users with no previous knowledge of the EU will benefit from accessing the free online modules offered by the University of Portsmouth European Studies Hub and familiarising themselves with its contents as needed.